The Kanthal program includes several products for the production of traditional ceramics, functional ceramics and ceramics used as engineering materials. We also have heating elements and furnace products made of ceramic material. Here we will talk about the applications in the ceramics industry:

  • Casting of ceramics
  • Ceramics sintering
  • Ceramics firing
  • Ceramics coating
  • Heat treatment of ceramics
  • Firing and glazing of tableware
  • Firing of refractories

Consumer ceramics

The consumer ceramics application can range from small to large across many different diciplines. We supply material from pottery kilns to casting furnaces and everything in between.

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Industrial ceramics

While ceramics can be thought of as decorative tableware, there are many functional applications that can be found using ceramics. Many different industries seek out this material because of its thermal, electrical, and even optical properties.

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