Display glass

The Kanthal program includes a range of products for the manufacturing of display glass (PDP glass and TFT glass), using both the float glass process and the fusion (downdraw) process.

Display glass can be manufactured using Float Glass technology or using Fusion/Overflow technology creating material as thin as <1mm.

The overflow process involves melting glass, and then pouring it into a refractory trough. The glass overflows down both sides of the trough, and then the two flows rejoin together, as the exit from the base of the trough. This process, originally designed for automotive windshields, is designed to provide very clean and smooth surfaces on both faces of the glass, because these faces contact nothing between overflow, and fusing together.

The width of sheet that can be produced is entirely dependent on the length of the trough (aka isopipe) and the heating element that can be installed. The longer the element, the wider the sheet, and the more economic the process. For that reason, the demand is for longer and longer elements, so that the fusion process can compete with the float process.

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Globar® Precision Range

The Kanthal® Precision Range products are developed for specific Applications or Segments and provides an added value to our customers. Take a look at the advantages SiC provides for glass production, laboratory furnaces, lithium ion battery components and more.

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