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Veröffentlicht 25 Juni 2024

 As a global leader in industrial heating technology, Kanthal is working toward revolutionizing process gas heating with sustainable electric solutions. Recognizing the diverse applications across industries such as iron & steel, cement, petrochemical, and gas-to-electric conversions, we are developing direct and indirect heating solutions tailored to meet specific industrial needs.

Introducing the Prothal® portfolio: Prothal® TH, licensed by NyCast AB, Prothal® DH, and Prothal® FH. Each product is designed with cutting-edge technology to address distinct industrial challenges and set new standards in efficiency and performance.

The Prothal® portfolio embodies the pinnacle of electric heating innovation, providing customized solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers. We are excited about the future and are working tirelessly to bring these groundbreaking solutions to commercial readiness.