Welcome to the Kanthal® Webinar Series

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to join us for a few different sessions. While we are planning several live events, we will also include the recordings for you to view at your own convenience

High temperature applications using Kanthal® Super elements and Superthal® modules

Please join us to listen to Anders Magnusson, Global Product Manager at Kanthal. He will share his expertise on design, installation, failure analysis and maintenance on Kanthal® Super heating elements and Superthal® panels.

Kanthal® Silicon Carbide Webinar

Please join us to listen to Dean Mccabe, Technical Support Manager, Kanthal Perth UK. He will share his expertise on Design, Installation, Failure Analysis and enhancing life of Silicon Carbide heaters in various industries. We will also share new product development to fight tough environments.

Kanthal® Radiant Heating Solutions

In this webinar we will take a look at our radiant heating solutions, with a focus on our APM, APMT tubes and Tubothal®

Kanthal® Electrical Heating and Glass Tempering

This webinar takes a look at the design considerations when replacing an old heating element or designing a new furnace. Join our experts at Kanthal® who can bring our 90+ years of materials knowledge to you.

Kanthal® Webinar for Metallic Elements for High-Temperature Furnaces

Exact time to be announced soon

In this webinar our Global Product Manager will continue his sharing on our metallic heating elements and how it can improve furnace performance
Registration will open soon