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New 60 KW flow heater for high power demands

Compared with conventional air heaters, the Kanthal® Flow Heater range can heat air and process gases to higher temperatures with greater accuracy. In order to deliver these benefits to a wider range of industries and applications, a new 60 kW model has been launched.

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Electrification in primary aluminum

The aluminum industry is in a bind. Global demand shows no sign of slowing, yet there is a growing need to reduce emissions in its carbon-intensive production processes. A switch from gas burners to electrification could be part of the answer.

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A stronger connection

After making a number of custom-made modifications to its Globar® SiC heating elements, Kanthal was able to help Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland increase the lifespan of its elements to an average of two years from seven months.

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Meeting the world’s soaring need for lithium-ion batteries

Global production of lithium-ion batteries, which has already increased rapidly in the past decade, is set to grow tenfold in the next decade. This will have a knock-on effect on demand for reliable and efficient heating technology.

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Ist dies die weltschnellste Pizza?

Unsere Techniker haben es geschafft, die Zeit, die benötigt wird, um eine traditionelle neapolitanische Pizza zu backen, von 90 auf 37 Sekunden zu reduzieren, indem sie einen Ofen gebaut haben mit einer Temperatur der Elemente von 900 °C/1652 °F. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Pizzachef Oskar Montano, haben wir wirklich die weltschnellste Pizza geschaffen.

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Rewiring fashion for the future

Stockholm-based fashion designer Naim Josefi incorporates metal wire in his collections to promote a more sustainable fashion industry.

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