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Electric heating - the impact on modern society

Modern society relies on electric heating technology, in everything from industrial processes to household appliances. Since 1931, when Kanthal was founded, our products and solutions have made a difference to people, to society and to the world. Join us on a journey from the 1930s and into the future to discover how electric heating and resistance materials have changed – and will continue to change – the way we live.

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Kanthal supports HYBRIT in quest to develop world's first fossil free sponge iron

A strategic partnership between Kanthal and HYBRIT aims to develop an electric gas heating solution for the fossil-free hydrogen used to reduce iron ore in the HYBRIT process.

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Green steel is the future but change needs to start now

Green steel is hotter than ever. But while regulatory support and increased availability of clean energy will be needed to speed up the transition to carbon-neutral steel production, changes can be made to reduce climate impact – even in the short term. So says Åsa Ekdahl, Head of Environment and Climate Change at World Steel Association.

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Clean and simple: How electric heating has transformed Ovako’s heat treatment furnaces

Electric heating has transformed the furnaces of a venerable European producer of engineering steel.

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The growth of additive manufacturing is creating new challenges in the field of heat treatment technology and prompting a shift toward electrification and greater flexibility from heat treatment equipment.

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Meeting the world’s soaring need for lithium-ion batteries

Global production of lithium-ion batteries, which has already increased rapidly in the past decade, is set to grow tenfold in the next decade. This will have a knock-on effect on demand for reliable and efficient heating technology.

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