Diffusion cassettes

Fibrothal® diffusion cassettes are a 'plug and heat' solution for the production of high-quality crystalline silicon wafers for solar cells and semiconductors. The diffusion cassettes are of low mass design type with vertical or horizontal elements for operating temperatures up to 1350°C (2460°F). Customized heaters for specific applications can be delivered on request.


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Depending on the furnace requirements, Kanthal® can accomodate high-temperature demanding processes with our range of heating materials.

Operating Temperature: 300°C -1100°C 600°C - 1250°C 800°C - 1350°C
Primary Element Material (horizontal & vertical): Kanthal® A-1, Kanthal® AMR & Kanthal APM™ Kanthal® A-1, Kanthal® AMR & Kanthal APM™ Kanthal APM™ & Kanthal APM™ HP
Dimensions: Flexible to application requirements, consult factory


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Depending on furnace requirements, both element orientations can be designed to perform consistently for extended lifetimes to reduce maintenance and replacement time. With options for Energy Savings Elements or fast cooling, Kanthal heating elements will help you maximize performance.


The vertical and horizontal heating elements are used in many different atmospheric and LPCVD thermal processes. This includes pyrogenic oxidation, liquid source deposition as well as silicon nitriding and polysilicon processes.