Kanthal® Super ER

Kanthal® Super ER is a new unique concept for heating elements, combining the features of alumina formers with the higher temperature of MoSi2 based heaters. These elements perform well up to 1580ºC (2875ºF) in oxidizing, inert and reducing atmospheres.

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Kanthal® Super ER is an electric heating element, with the unique ability to operate up to 1580ºC (2875ºF) directly in a wide range of furnace atmospheres - from a very dry reducing to oxidizing. It is now possible, in just one furnace, to operate firing cycles where the atmosphere condition can be altered, during the cycle, between oxidizing, inert, carburizing, nitriding, reducing, and vacuum.

Depending on the dew point, the element can work up to 300ºC (540ºF) higher in reducing atmospheres, compared to standard Kanthal® Super elements.

Another benefit over molybdenum or graphite elements, for example, is that the elements can be replaced whilst the furnace is still very hot, minimizing downtime.

As the elements work directly in the furnace atmosphere, there is no need for a muffle to protect them from the atmosphere. Furnace design can be made simpler with a lower build cost and with much reduced maintenance costs. Kanthal Super ER is equally suitable for low temperature oxidizing processes.

The major reason for the new and outstanding features of Kanthal Super ER is that it has a protective surface layer of pure alumina. The alumina layer grows on the surface of the heating element at high temperatures even in dry hydrogen. The elements can work in direct contact with high alumina supports without corrosive reactions.