Kanthal® Super NC

Kanthal® Super NC is a heating element with special features, designed to meet the demands for clean process heating in the research and electronics industries. Maximum temperature 1800°C (3270°F).

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Scaling of the element surface, which occurs in all heating elements, which occurs in all heating elements, is reduced to a minimum. The metal content is also reduced which means less diffusion into the furnace atmosphere from the element. The content of Fe, Ni and Cu (and other elements on request) can be verified and confirmed in a certificate of analysis. The electrical properties are the same as for Kanthal® Super 1800.


Kanthal® Super NC is used in all types of clean processes in the research- and electronics industries. Kanthal® Super NC is also used in diffusion furnaces for the semiconductor industry, where high purity is a demand.

Special features

  • Extra clean and adherent surface glaze
  • Lower metal content
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Can be used in air/oxidizing atmospheres up to 1800ºC (3270ºF)
  • 25% higher bending strength at room temperature compared to Kanthal® Super 1800
  • Standard and specially designed elements