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Cuprothal® is an austenitic copper-nickel alloy (CuNi alloy) with low resistivity. It is used for the negative leg of the following types of thermocouples and compensating cables: E, J, T and KCB (VX). Cuprothal® can be used at temperatures down to 20 K where its Seebeck coefficient is

An Insider's Take on the Challenges in the Fast-Moving Semiconductor Industry

semiconductor industry challenges, supply chain disruptions, semiconductor material shortages, sustainability in the semiconductor industry AN INSIDER'S TAKE ON THE CHALLENGES IN THE FAST-MOVING SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY Explore the complexities of the semiconductor industry with insights from

How Semiconductors are Driving the Automotive Industry into the Future

semiconductor innovation, smart semicondutor solutions, silicon carbide development, autonomous driving technology HOW SEMICONDUCTORS ARE DRIVING THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY INTO THE FUTURE Delve into the future of automotive tech with semiconductor insights from AUDI AG. Discover supply chain

Power Shift: A Step-by-Step Guide to Electrifying Industrial Heating Processes

Electrification of industrial processes, decarbonization in steel industry, electric heating systems, carbon footprint reduction, corporate green initiatives POWER SHIFT: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO ELECTRIFYING INDUSTRIAL HEATING PROCESSES Discover the transformative journey from gas to electric

How EU's Action Plan Can Spark Synergy Between Wind Power and Industrial Electrification

Eu climate goals, Eu Wind power action plan, electrification in industries, eu energy targets, carbon footprint, renewable energy adoption HOW EU'S ACTION PLAN CAN SPARK SYNERGI BETWEEN WIND POWER AND INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIFICATION Explore how the EU's Wind Power Action Plan can transform

LPCVD: Precision Engineering for Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Diffusion cassettes for LPCVD processes Widely embraced in the semiconductor industry, LPCVD finds applications in depositing materials like silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, and polysilicon. Its controlled nature and ability to achieve precise thickness and uniformity make LPCVD a cornerstone

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