Das Kanthal Programm umfasst Diffusionskassetten für die Herstellung von kristallinen Siliciumwafern für Halbleiter.

Diffusionskassetten von Kanthal decken ein breites Portfolio an Verfahren ab, wie beispielsweise:

  • Verfahren zur schnellen Kühlung
  • Oxidationsverfahren
  • Nitrierverfahren

How Atmospheric Processes Shape High-Performance Semiconductor Devices

Atmospheric processes play a crucial role in the semiconductor industry, enabling the fabrication of high-performance devices. These processes serve diverse purposes, including the controlled diffusion of dopants into materials and the optimization of crystal structures for improved device reliability and overall quality.

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LPCVD: Precision Engineering for Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Widely embraced in the semiconductor industry, LPCVD finds applications in depositing materials like silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, and polysilicon. Its controlled nature and ability to achieve precise thickness and uniformity make LPCVD a cornerstone in the creation of advanced semiconductor devices. Operating at lower pressures compared to other chemical vapor deposition methods, LPCVD ensures meticulous control over film properties.

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