Air heating cassettes

Air heating cassettes

With Kanthal® air heating cassettes it is possible to heat air or gases up to 800°C (1470°F) and maintain a uniform temperature throughout the furnace. The air heating cassettes can be produced to fit most existing or new furnace designs. Installation is very simple in most cases.


Efficient heat transfer due to unique element design

The compact element design (often referred to as porcupine elements)makes it possible to pack a large amount of power into a small space. This allows a very large proportion of the element surface to be in contact with the air resulting in highly efficient heat transfer.

The turbulence of air around the porcupine elements also helps prevent overheating. As a result, these elements can withstand higher thermal loads than, for instance, tubular elements or conventional spiral elements on ceramic tubes.

  1. Heating elements made of Kanthal AF resistance heating wire.
  2. The plug in cassettes can be located along the wall, in the roof or base.
  3. Electric fans provide the circulation necessary to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the furnace.


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Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • High power output
  • Long service life
  • Light weight
  • Customized design

Due to the unique design of the heating elements, Kanthal® air heating cassettes can reach their working temperature quickly and cool down rapidly when switched off. This means the unit can be turned on for very short intervals, which saves significant energy costs in certain applications.

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